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Latest: All counties were updated 12/21 with fresh data including vote history

Recent/Random Feedback   (you can view all after you click CONTINUE)
Cnty Voter Address Comments/Questions from others When Added
OzaukeeSchye Skinner700 W HIGHLAND RD APT 2075 MEQUON WI 53092 Not sure what type of dwelling, but 21 registered to this specific address ... all Inactive1 mon
PierceKaylie Krueger750 E CASCADE AVE RIVER FALLS WI 54022Why is Kaylie Krueger an active voter Mvrs (ERIC) on 11/3/2020 as are 2 other people also on 11/3/2020? This is an undeliverable address and there are 20 inactive people also at this undeliverable address2 mons
Rock Earnest Brown1602 GATEWAY BLVD APT 9 BELOIT WI 53511Why does Earnest have 2 voter IDs when he has not moved? His status went from inactive to active, but why a different Voter ID? What does Mvrs (ERIC) mean?2 mons
RacineGary Forst21425 SPRING ST UNION GROVE WI 99999Why is Gary who is inactive as of 4/16/12 at an undeliverable address along with 344 other inactive people? Is Gary alive? What room is he in? The zip code for this address is also INVALID2 mons
OzaukeeMargaret HedigerN28W6800 ALYCE ST CEDARBURG WI 5301227 voters connected to this address. Not sure of dwelling type.1 mon
DaneHillary Smith1 N RANDALL AVE UNIT E MADISON WI 53715Hillary has 2 VRNs, both connected to a Jimmy Johns. This entry should be deleted, not just inactive.2 mons

Our Mission Let citizens look under the voter roll hood AND be able to leave bread crumbs of what they find

Everything here is provided at no charge. MyVoterTool allows you to investigate your address, family members or anyone else in the state. If you need more specific data, contact us and we will hop to it, toot-sweet. (that means fast :)

We are seeking sponsors/volunteers to support the continued development of this project.

This alone will not fix the horribly flawed WEC voter database which contains 7,436,867 registrants as of 1/26/23. Source

We believe the data is polluted beyond repair and challenge letters will do little to fix that because the problem is a 900 pound gorilla. Clerks have neither the inclination nor the bandwidth to authenticate challenge letters. Even if they did, they best they can do is mark a voter as Inactive.

This however does not mean we shouldn't be aware of and have the ability and facts to challenge bad data. Awareness is always the first step. Need an example? Meet Mary Ellis, and there are many more like her...

We offer no advice, guidance or a hint of what to do with what you find. We leave that to you to draw conclusions about how one person could have so many voter registrations numbers or how Dane county has sequential VRNs that make no sense.

This is your official invite to browse and comment on 7+ million voters, if you dare.