MyVoterTool makes it simple to know who is voting at your address or anyone else in your state.

MyVoterTool is a voter search engine on-line tool that you can use at no charge to locate and request correction of any names in the official voting database who are associated with an incorrect or invalid home address. Currently we have all 72 counties added for Wisconsin. If you would like to have your state, county or district added, call or text 24/7: 262-421-1222

MISSION: We encourage all voters to search, learn, share and ask questions about the many anomalies in the data.

Why do states keep undeliverable addresses in their voter rolls? Voter roll awareness is critically important. It enables anyone to ask in-depth questions that pack a punch.

Example: Wisconsin has a total population of 5.9 million and roughly 3.6 million voted in the 2020 general election. Wisconsin voter rolls contain 7,438,333 registrants as of 2/10/23.

50% (3.6 million) of the Wisconsin voter rolls have incorrect information due to lack of maintenance or intentional obfuscation. Why are deceased people still on the voter rolls?

Number of undeliverable addresses in the Wisconsin voter roll: ~350,000

Voters can identify and request the removal of any names found within the official voting database. Like this person who has a 15 voter registration numbers.

Sure, there is only one Active, but how did this person get so many, all on the same day at the same address. We feel voters with more than one voter registration number should be deleted, not just made Inactive.

You know your neighborhood. Fact-check voter information for accuracy, ask questions regarding a voter. All comments can be viewed and filtered via the VIEW COMMENTS link that is found in the header of the search results screen.

If you want to be part of this or have any questions, contact us. We're here to help. MyVoterTool will is currently provided at no charge, no limit on searches. MyVoterTool was built from scratch, 98% pro-bono. If any group, organization or candidate would like more specific data contact us at or call/text 262-421-1222.

We are seeking sponsors/volunteers to support the development of this project as we continue to add additional features and data from other states.

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