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Pop Quiz: When you vote, how many Voter Registration Numbers (VRNs) do you need? Just one. That one ballot is your only voice. How would you feel if 13 other votes were cast via your name and address? There should be only one vote from your name at your address. There should be no debate on this. MyVoterTool.com can help you confirm if your name/address has been abused.

There are many clues in the wild west known as the WEC (Wisconsin Election Commission) voter roll but few understand, much less enjoy, how to wrangle raw data. However this does not preclude you from knowing what's within. ANYONE, even old cowboys, are able to understand the data. But awareness can only happen after the homework. There is no substitute for research and critical thinking.

Here's where we are ... When one side wins, you will be told the election was the most secure in the history of the Earth. When it doesn't go their way, it was because of bad actors and/or the outdated election hardware was exploited by evil hackers.

There's nothing new about this. e.g., Here are some on-record opinions about technology integrity when one side didn't get what they wanted and or feared they would not. 2 min VIDEO

So then, how is it that the Wisconsin Voter Roll has so many voters with multiple VRNs for the same person at the same address?

Our online tool allows you to confirm your data because, for the most part, you are the only one who cares about the accuracy of your voting history. Bad news: A full voter roll costs $12,500. The good news: It's no charge here at MyVoterTool.com.

MyVoterTool makes it drop dead simple to know who is voting at your address, on your street or anywhere else in the state. You can find your data, your neighbor or any family member in about 5 seconds per search.

So what we have here is a WEC voter roll search engine that you can use at no charge to locate and ask questions about any names in the official voting database. This could manifest as incorrect or invalid addresses or people with dozens of VRNs. We have all 72 counties for Wisconsin and our system can handle any other states. If you are not from Wisconsin, give us a call and we can discuss getting your data inserted. If you would prefer to run your own version of what we have here, we will gladly provide you with the source code.

We don't sleep much so call or text 24/7: 262-421-1222 we are always eager to make new connections.

MISSION: We want to empower you to easily search, learn and share so you can ask questions about your data or data connected to family or friends. Awereness is the only way we will move the needle. This does not need to be a legal document, a short letter to your local clerk is all that's needed to get the ball rolling. If we do not ask questions, we should expect no answers.

Why do states keep undeliverable addresses and dead people in their voter rolls? Data awareness is critically important. It enables anyone to ask in-depth questions that pack a punch.

Example: Wisconsin has a total population of 5.9 million and roughly 3.6 million voted in the 2020 general election. The Wisconsin voter roll contains 7,484,381 registrants as of 7/5/23. That giving us a rolling three month average of 890 new voter registration numbers per day. How many voters does that represent? We don't know because lots of people have more than one VRN.

About 50% of the Wisconsin voter roll is littered with incorrect information due to lack of maintenance or intentional obfuscation.

Number of undeliverable addresses in the Wisconsin voter roll: ~350,000

Voters can identify and request the "removal" of any names found within the official voter roll. Like this person who has 15 voter registration numbers. WARNING: "removal" is a nebulous term that even SB26 has not yet defined)
If you are not aware of SB26, here's a PDF we created to show how MyVoterTool can easily find their data bloopers.

Sure, there is only one Active, but how did this person get so many, all on the same day at the same address. We feel voters with more than one voter registration number should be deleted, not just made Inactive. Dead people, same thing.

You know your neighborhood. Fact-check voter information for accuracy, ask questions regarding a voter. All comments can be viewed and filtered via the VIEW COMMENTS link that is found in the header of the search results screen.

If you want to be part of this or have any questions, contact us. We're here to help. MyVoterTool will is currently provided at no charge, no limit on searches. This was built from scratch, 98% self-funded. If any group, organization or candidate would like more specific data contact us at info@StatBandit.com or call/text 262-421-1222.

We are always seeking like-minded critical thinkers to be involved with the development. Our mission is to do something everyday to continuously improve. Different is not always better, but better is always different.

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